Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New items...Stocking up on more soaps, body butter face masks and more, more more...

I am floured with excitement and I cannot contain myself. A few days ago I placed an order for new items, materials, and essential oils. I cannot wait until they arrive and I can start playing with creating new scents and coming up with new and improved recipies. Perfection is what I am aiming for. I love all my recipies from my body butters, face masks to soaps but I always thing what can I do to make it better, more beneficial, more satisfying to all our senses.  Its that awwe like experience I am going for. Anyways back to the lab as I put together some ideas that came to me last night but I really wanted to share with all of you the great news of receiving the order I placed.

Don't forget the giveaway is still open until Dec. 22nd, 2012. It is free and super easy to participate. Love you all.


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